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Formerly known as Kim & Mira, The Mira Law Group, APC. is a community-oriented immigration, criminal defense and civil litigation firm that is committed to the pursuit of justice. Our firm is deeply connected with the community we practice within, zealously advocating on behalf of clients that are in need of representation and who often find themselves without a voice in the legal process. Since 2010, our zealous advocacy has led to favorable results for many community members in their immigration and criminal defense matters. In fact, our devotion to our clients led to an unexpected amount of referrals that have helped to grow the firm and expand our areas of specialization. In 2012, we recruited Attorney Stanley Radtke, Esq. Mr. Radtke regularly handles appeals and has spearheaded challenging cases that have been taken up to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. His law review article relating to asylum was cited by the Ninth Circuit in one of their decisions. In addition to his expertise in immigration law, Mr. Radtke also has experience and knowledge in the areas of criminal defense and civil litigation. In 2019, we recruited Jennie Medina, Esq. to our firm as an Associate Attorney. Prior to joining the firm, Attorney Medina practiced law in New Jersey where she advocated for immigrants and juveniles in detention. Since entering the field of law, Ms Medina has committed herself to social justice in New Jersey, New York, California, and Costa Rica.

Visit our website: www.miralawgroup.com if you want to know more about the services and staff of the Mira Law Group.