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Anna C. Manuel

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Attorney Anna Manuel joins the Mira Law Group as the first female attorney. She graduated from the University of San Francisco School of Law in 2017 and has years of experience as a fierce advocate for anyone who suffers injustice. Attorney Manuel approaches every case with the same  passion for community service and human rights advocacy that made her want to go to law school.  
She has worked with the USF Immigration and Deportation Defense Clinic, providing legal representation in asylum cases, she has volunteered with No Más Muertes, providing humanitarian aid to migrants crossing the Sonora Desert, and she has provided research assistance to Bill Ong Hing on the subject of immigration family detention centers. Working with the Frank C. Newman Human Rights Clinic, she advocated against immigration family detention at the United Nations Human Rights Counsel (UNHRC). She has also advocated at the UNHRC for immigrants’ rights at the US-Mexico border, and for the ethical use of forensic genetics in cases of human rights violations. She has researched and written extensively on the issue of missing migrants and unknown migrant remains at the US-Mexico border. Ms Anna’s internships include Asylum Access, UC Berkeley Human Rights Center, and Center for Justice and Accountability.

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