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Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal

9th Circuit Requests Additional Briefing in Case To Determine Whether to Hear en banc Last week, I received an order from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal for additional briefing on the question of whether to hear the case en banc. I filed the petition for review in...

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The Relief for Dreamers

House GOP Passes Immigration Bill That Would Eliminate DACA: The Relief for Dreamers House Republicans passed a bill Wednesday that would eliminate President Barack Obama's policy that allows young undocumented immigrants to stay in the United States.The ENFORCE Act,...

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Immigration and Nationality Act exemptions

Obama Administration Announces a Relaxations of Some Restrictions on Asylees Found to Have Aided Terrorist Organizations The Obama administration recently made it easier for people with tangential connections to terror groups to receive refugee status or asylum in the...

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Prolonged Immigration Detention

U.S. Government Tells Federal Judge They Cannot Produce the Names and Identities of All Immigration Detainees Held for More Than 6 Months In response to a Federal Court Order in Case No. 11-Civ.-3786, ACLU v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security, federal prosecutors...

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